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Here in the United States, we celebrate our national Independence Day on the 4th of July. 

This festive holiday is associated with summer, family and friends coming together, barbecues, and fireworks—all to commemorate the day our country was born. 

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As we celebrate our country’s freedom, let’s not forget that as individuals, we have the same right to our autonomy. And as parents, it’s our duty to encourage and develop that autonomy in our children as well.

In the spirit of independence. . . 

. . . hug your kid a little tighter today and tell them you’re thankful for exactly who they are

. . . let them know you value their thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and that you admire their ability to self-direct.

. . . reassure them that even though they drive you up the wall sometimes, they’re never “bad kids” for speaking and living their authentic truth.

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Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I want to wish you a Happy Independence Day!

May we model the freedom, respect, and equality each human being—including our children—deserve!

Love and Blessings,