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Why is it that women hardly talk about their birth experience? Giving birth is the single most miraculous and most common event that happens in nature. Over 300,000 new babies are born every single day, and yet a lot of mamas go into the process wide-eyed and not knowing what to expect.

Lack of knowledge and support during pregnancy and birth perpetuates the cycle of birthing insecurity in women. We’re hesitant to share our experiences, only to repeat the cycle of fear, ignorance, and maybe even trauma in the next generation of mothers.

I’m excited to introduce Stephanie Radler, who passionately believes that every woman needs to feel comfortable, confident, and well supported to safeguard a conscious and satisfying birth experience and graceful entrance into motherhood.

As a birth doula with more than 14 years of experience, Stephanie has witnessed the power of a mother’s intuition and the power of nature. Support—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—during this sacred and sometimes scary process is necessary.

That’s why she’s put together a summit on Conscious and Confident Motherhood: How to Harmonize Body, Mind and Spirit to Create the Beautiful Birth and Family You Deserve!

This summit includes an amazing group of dedicated perinatal and parenting professionals, and I’m delighted to be one of the panelists! The event begins on November 9, and my interview with Stephanie will go live on Friday, November 20.

Please join Stephanie and me for the Conscious and Confident Motherhood Summit, kicking off next week. You’ll learn so much from these experts, and every speaker has a free gift for you too.