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Happy Labor Day!

We commemorate the American labor movement every year on the first Monday of September. On this day, we acknowledge and celebrate workers across all industries. 

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Whether you work outside the house or you stay at home to care for your children, you deserve recognition for doing the hardest job in the world: parenting! 

Raising confident, happy, healthy children isn’t easy. You, dear parent, put in the work for this unpaid labor of love every single day of the week, with no breaks and no time off.

I, along with my team at Conscious Parenting Revolution, would like to take a moment to honor you for. . . 

. . . always waking up the earliest and going to sleep the latest.

. . . taking care of your children’s needs—for food, a nap, a ride to the mall, or even just a hug— often before your own.

. . . patiently enduring temper tantrums and bad moods, while doing whatever it takes to make your children feel better.

. . . loving your family unconditionally—warts and all.

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You make a tough job look easy!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Wishing you a few moments today to celebrate and honor the work that you do. 

Love and Blessings,


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