Happy Parents

Prior to attending Katherine’s class I had a good relationship with my kids. After attending class I have a GREAT relationship! I learnt how to calm my children when they are raging, how to make them want my advice, how to get them to solve problems for themselves. Of course, it’s not all upside – my wife can barely conceal her envy of the relationship I have with my boys now! Fortunately the skills Katherine armed me with are equally applicable to understanding and communicating with my wife!

Nathan SoliaElite Personal Trainer

I tried every technique and trick there was and I felt that none of them worked consistently and not one brought any changes or relief to me or to my children. In desperation and with little hope, I registered for my first class with Katherine Winter-Sellery and it changed my life, my relationship with my children, my family and most importantly – myself. This may be the most profound journey you will ever take. Katherine is a brilliant orator, an empath, a motivator, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration.

Cindy Miller StephensInternational Author

Wow, Katherine! I completed most of Module 1 yesterday and then that evening had a breakthrough in our household around our bedtime routine.
Thank you! This alone is huge!
So grateful for you and all you do.

MarleneParent of 10 & 6 year old kids

It’s hard not to use superlatives when describing both Katherine and her course. From the first gentle insight, to her room filling laugh, and all the way through to her compassion and knowing, Katherine opens your mind and heart to possibility. She fills her classes with love, encouragement and sincerity, and makes it possible to make sense of what seems endlessly frustrating. Katherine uses real life examples, experience and humour to help you see a way through. It’s a great mix. In short time you can see a better way around the frustrations of day to day life. With your class mates along for the journey. This isn’t a ‘cure all’ course. They don’t exist. And Katherine knows that. Instead, she gives you the tools to look inside yourself when just about everything outside is too tough. And start to solve the problems. Amazing.

John Buck

This course opened my eyes to seeing the world through my children’s eyes. I feel that the course has empowered me in many ways – to stop and decide how to react to my children, to help them learn how to cope with difficult situations and to deepen my understanding of their feelings. I hope that these small but vital changes in parenting style will allow us to grow closer as parent and child but also allow my sons to develop as confident young boys, with a healthy dose of self-esteem. Katherine is an inspirational and knowledgeable teacher and I really loved listening to her each week.


To whom ever is thinking about taking this Conscious and Effective Parenting course with Katherine- It will change the way you think about your children and your relationship with them. I look at this course as a gift to anyone who takes it. It is liberating, challenging and rewarding. Katherine is an inspirational teacher who I loved being in class with. She is wonderful at teaching the material and provokes fantastic conversation within class and you always leave uplifted and inspired. She is more than an Effective parenting teacher. She challenges how we think and what is important in life. If I could take her course every semester every year I would. I have already taken it twice and got so much out of it both times. Take the course- you will never regret it. All the best- I wish I was you about to embark on this great adventure with Katherine.

CatherineSydney, Australia, via Hong Kong and now living in Singapore

The first time I took the course was when my daughter was 8 months old. I only knew about rewards and punishments – that was what I was exposed to and what all parents around me used. The effective parenting course led by Katherine opened me to a new world. Specifically, “children are people too” drives home the power of trust, support and respect in the mutual relationship. Katherine’s lively style made the course fun and invigorating. The course has been instrumental in thinking about conflicts and problem-solving now that my daughter is older. The close relationship my daughter and I enjoy is very much built upon the foundation of the guidance approach. When we had our second child, I decided to take a weekend intensive refresher course with Katherine. Best of all, my husband decided to join me. Besides effective parenting, he and I also learned a lot about each other from it! Katherine’s course is highly recommended for all parents old and new!

NilaHong Kong

I felt so fortunate that I got to learn the guidance approach when my child is still young! I found Katherine’s class enlightening as the “results” of this approach are absolutely along the lines of my parenting philosophy. I want my child to have high self-esteem, self control and be compassionate. The respectful approach it takes helps to make the communication more effective, and also allows for a nurturing environment. I enjoyed very much the interaction in the class, and the tips from Katherine just made lots of sense. While it still takes me much to practice the disciplines, I feel more confident and equipped to become the parent I want to be.

ErinHong Kong

When I joined my first Conscious and Effective parenting course I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. I knew that I wasn’t getting it right with the way I was dealing with my children, but I wasn’t sure what the answer was. Conscious and Effective Parenting was like switching a light on – it shifted the entire way I approached my relationship with my children – learning to value them as individuals, to not be afraid of being honest with them. It didn’t take long for myself and the other delegates to realise that this approach was completely transferable to other relationships – with spouses, with parents, with anyone! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve attended the course. My husband was also able to attend the course, and this has helped him greatly. It’s become like our secret code when we’re talking about situations with the children, what we did, and what we should have done. I am certain that my relationship with my children would have continued to suffer had I not attended the course. I would still be swinging between the role of dictator, to the role of ‘Chief Briber’. I’ve learnt so much more about my children, and they’ve also learnt about me, through Conscious and Effective Parenting. It really has transformed our lives.


I attended Katherine’s intensive class and I cannot recommend it enough. It has been a turning point in my life – it has provided me with awareness of myself (i.e. knowing when my window is shut and how to open it; understanding my children’s behaviors and which need is not met) but has also equipped me with practical tools to be the parent I aspire to be (e.g. the I message, the roadblocks to communication). It has also taught me how to connect with my children, help them become who they are and build a relationship with them based on trust and two-way communication, rather than fear and punishment. Everyone in the house has been a much happier person since I took this class. I am still not a perfect parent every day, but at least I have awareness, the tools (that I was lacking before taking the class) and the understanding. We are the ones providing the first experiences to our children – I felt I was responsible for learning and my time has never been better spent than during this intensive week-end class. Lastly, spending time with Katherine is a pleasure and is really fun. She is a very talented speaker, but also tells the truth and answers every single question – no matter how challenging it is. I remember that she was joking at the beginning of the class that her daughter says that she is out there saving the world. I took it as a joke at first, but at the end of the week-end, I was convinced she is.

Working MomHong Kong

Thank you so much for your course. It came at a critical time for our family, and helped us in so many ways. You are an amazing, world-class presenter, and the course content deserves no less. This course offers an innovative, considered, thoughtful, effective and well-researched approach to learning new parenting skills, and it really does make a difference to how your whole family operates, even if you can only implement some of it! This course is great at helping to challenge your own assumptions, and why you hold them and really challenged me to come up with a better approach to our daily problems. It has helped our family enormously. A whole new perspective, and a far better way of operating as a family. I keep recommending you to friends, they all deserve this knowledge, and their children deserve this approach. Ours have benefitted immensely. Thank you again.

Karen PotterSydney, Australia

The course is truly amazing - THANK YOU!

I spent so many years not knowing that I was deeply fearful, but I've realized fear has been a large part of the story of my life so far! I need to do a lot of work on this for my daughter and for myself. Thanks again for your insight and contribution.

Isabelle BFrance

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