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Katherine Winter-Sellery


What Others Say About Us

Nathan Solia

Prior to attending Katherine’s class I had a good relationship with my kids. After attending class I have a GREAT relationship! I learnt how to calm my children when they are raging, how to make them want my advice, how to get them to solve problems for themselves. Of course, it’s not all upside – my wife can barely conceal her envy of the relationship I have with my boys now! Fortunately the skills Katherine armed me with are equally applicable to understanding and communicating with my wife!

Cindy Miller Stephens

I tried every technique and trick there was and I felt that none of them worked consistently and not one brought any changes or relief to me or to my children. In desperation and with little hope, I registered for my first class with Katherine Winter-Sellery and it changed my life, my relationship with my children, my family and most importantly – myself. This may be the most profound journey you will ever take. Katherine is a brilliant orator, an empath, a motivator, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration.


John Buck

It’s hard not to use superlatives when describing both Katherine and her course. From the first gentle insight, to her room filling laugh, and all the way through to her compassion and knowing, Katherine opens your mind and heart to possibility. She fills her classes with love, encouragement and sincerity, and makes it possible to make sense of what seems endlessly frustrating.

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