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Are you overextending yourself to meet your family’s needs? Do you feel trapped in an exhausting juggling act with no end in sight? It’s time to take a step back and practice some self-care.

Parents, we live in extremely stressful times. But prioritizing everyone else’s needs at the expense of our own isn’t the answer. When we fall into this trap, our own health and wellness suffers, preventing us from becoming the parents we want to be.

I know you’re committed to being 100% present for your children—and that means first allowing yourself the bandwidth to fulfill your own needs.

We’re all familiar with the oxygen mask analogy: you have to put your own mask on first. It sounds easy in theory, but in practice, it’s not always easy to prioritize yourself. Know that when you practice self-care, you ARE becoming a better parent for your children.

And taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be overly lavish or take tons of time. It can be doing something simple:

  • Going for a quick walk
  • Calling a friend
  • Spending quality time with your partner (without the kids!)

If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that taking care of others starts with taking care of yourself. Fill your own tank and your whole family will reap the benefits.