What every parent needs to know now.

Parenting Coach & Expert, Katherine Sellery, founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution will create a happier and healthier relationship between you and your kids right now. You’re not alone.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent?
Have you been “fired” by your child – they no longer want to communicate with you, or listen to anything you say?
Are you tired of daily sassy backchat, tears and tantrums?

Your revolution for change begins here.

Being a parent can be tough: You’re working so hard give your child a loving and supportive upbringing. You want nothing more than to raise your kids in a nurturing and stress-free environment.

But the demands of daily life – juggling your work schedule, daily stresses and the outside influences of family and friends – can make this whole parenting thing feel like mission impossible.

Raise your hand if more often than not you heave a sigh of relief when your kids go to bed…usually three hours later than planned? Instead of being the loving and supportive parent you want to be, you find yourself barking orders and implementing a Sergeant-Major-style discipline.

Guidance Approach to Parenting helps parents:

  • Manage meltdowns
  • Minimize misunderstandings
  • Communicate in a loving, supportive way
  • Build a stronger relationship with your child
  • Eliminate the 3 R’s: retaliation, rebellion, and resistance
Join the Conscious Parenting Revolution.

Conscious Parenting Revolution is not about being the perfect parent.
It’s about being a conscious one.

Meet Katherine

I’m Katherine Winter-Sellery, 3x TEDx Speaker, parenting coach, mom of two and creator of Conscious Parenting Revolution. For over 20 years I have been helping families thrive by using a guidance approach to parenting.

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