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I’m writing today to say how deeply grateful I am for you.

Thank you for your daily commitment to becoming the parent or caregiver you want to be.

Thank you for having the courage to look at how your own beliefs and behaviors may be affecting your relationship with your child.

Thank you for the vulnerable way you’ve shared both victories and struggles with your community of fellow parents.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

Happy New Year: those words have never sounded sweeter!

Today, we get 365 brand new days to build the lives we want for ourselves and for our families. The joy that comes from being a conscious parent isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility. And the transformation that happens, both for parents and for children, truly has the power to change the world.

I wish you health and happiness, today and for the entire year. Let’s see what adventures 2021 has in store!