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Applying Solutions

Catch them doing it right!

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A BRAND NEW, never-before-seen
Mini Course: Applying Solutions

Brought to you by Katherine Winter-Sellery

  • 3-time TEDx speaker

  • ​Founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution

  • Parenting coach for the past 20+ years to thousands of parents

Whether you’ve been part of our community for two weeks or two decades, you will receive next-level parenting training.

What if you could catch them doing it right, and build on that? Instead of focusing on what’s not working and trying to fix it, identify what is working and try to use it...

...and welcome in resilient, cooperative, empowered kids?

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During this training you will learn:

Recognize your choice either to focus on what is not working well or, instead, to focus on those aspects that are working so that you can enlarge on these successes

Apply solution-focused principles to your children’s behavior

Identifying options for how to respond differently when present responses have not generated a solution

Enlarge on their successes

Thinking about unresolved behavior in new ways

You receive instructions on 15 different approaches to use immediately to address behaviors and situations!

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About Katherine

Founder & CEO

I’m Katherine Winter-Sellery, 3x TEDx Speaker, parenting coach and mom of two. For over 20 years, I have been helping families thrive by using a guidance approach to parenting.

The Applying Solutions Mini Course is another arrow in your quiver to "catch them doing it right" and focus on what's working and amplify it.

Learn how the dance is the problem (not the dancers) and apply solutions focused approaches to hard to change behaviors whether you are dealing with an adolescent, a child- or even an adult!

Yes! To fewer arguments, emotional triggers and tantrums.     

Yes! To fewer arguments, emotional triggers and tantrums.     

Yes! To fewer arguments, emotional triggers and tantrums.     

What's Included?

Instant access to video training ($397 value)

Mini course Workbook ($97 value)

Access to Private Facebook Group ($47 Value)

Developing a better relationship with your child (PRICELESS)

Total Value: $550

Today's Price... $199!

The content in this mini course does not appear in ANY of my other programs.

This is BRAND NEW material and an important addition to your parenting toolbox.

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